John Frieda Violet Crush Purple Toning Mask 250ml

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The Violet Crush for Blondes Purple Toning Mask, with crushed violet pigments, knocks out unwanted brassiness in just 1 minute and is designed to moisturize and hydrate blonde hair, leaving the hair looking cooler and brighter.

Containing an unique blend of Blue and Violet dyes, Violet Crush for Blondes Purple Toning Mask delivers even, perfect toning, knocking out even the most stubborn yellow and orange brass.   

Safe for use on natural and colour-treated blonde.

How To Use: After shampooing with Violet Crush Shampoo, generously apply the Purple Toning Mask evenly through wet hair and comb through.
Leave on 1-3 minutes, and not more than 5 minutes, rinse well. Wash hands immediately.
Use weekly or as needed until desired toning results are achieved.

Made In Germany

Net Weight: 250 ML