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Jeffree Star Jawbreaker Eyeshadow Palette

Jeffree Star Jawbreaker Eyeshadow Palette

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Say hello to this BIGGEST palette we’ve ever released! The Jawbreaker Palette is the take on a rainbow color story, including 24 bright and iconic eyeshadows and pressed pigments. With the same intensely pigmented formulation as the previous palettes, Jawbreaker is filled with blendable mattes, blinding shimmers and silky metallics!


  • Virgin – a bone white matte.
  • Good Morning – a super soft pink matte.
  • Bubble Gum – a bubble gum pink matte.
  • Wow – a bright sunshine yellow matte.
  • Such – a red orange matte.
  • Liquorice – a pure red matte.
  • Cute – a turquoise matte.
  • F*ck – a bright orange matte.
  • Gum Drop – a lavender matte.
  • Snack – a soft pink shimmer.
  • Brain Freeze – a cool blue matte.
  • Jawbreaker – a reflective white metallic.
  • And What? – a classic red metallic.
  • Orange Juice – a bright orange metallic.
  • Sour – an emerald green matte.
  • Soaked – an electric blue matte.
  • Raspberry – a deep, berry red matte.
  • Cotton Candy – a bright pink metallic.
  • Lemon Drop – a lemon yellow metallic.
  • Bite Me – a deep, rich purple metallic.
  • Cherry Wet – a rich, cherry red matte.
  • Tasty – a chocolate brown matte.
  • Cone – a peach-toned nude matte.
  • Delicious – a deep navy matte.

Made In USA.

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