Garnier Ultimate Blends Hair Food Banana Hair Mask 390ml

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Garnier Ultimate Blends Hair Food 3-in-1 Hair Mask, our way to nourish and condition hangry hair. 98% Natural Origin, 100% Vegan* blends, enriched with Super Food Extracts, for Super Hair. Three ways to enjoy our: Conditioner, Hair Mask, Leave in Conditioner. But only one result: deliciously nourished and naturally beautiful hair. Dig into Banana Hair Food Hair Mask: Nourishing Banana & Shea Hair Treatment Mask with an incredible melting texture, instantly absorbs into hair with no weigh down. With Banana Hair Food Hair Mask, experience up to 4 times less breakage after just one use**
*Vegan Formulas: no animal ingredients or by-products.
**When used as rinse out. Breakage from brushing vs a classical shampoo


Net Weight: 390 ML