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Athena Beaute Cotton Wool Cosmetic Pads (120 Pads)

Athena Beaute Cotton Wool Cosmetic Pads (120 Pads)

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Athena 100% Cotton Wool Pads are soft, gentle and absorbent. Perfect for baby and family care, as well as your everyday beauty regime.

  • 100% Cotton wool
  • Extra soft on the skin
  • Soft, strong and highly absorbent
  • Ideal for everyday cosmetic use
  • Luxury finish and attractive embossed design
  • Made in EU

Designed for everyday cosmetic removal and application, Athena Soft & Pure  Cotton Wool Cosmetic Pads 80’s offer the same soft and luxurious feel as the  larger oval cotton pads.

The pads, which are now stronger than ever, retain  their integrity during normal use whatever the task. Gentle to the skin,  Soft & Pure Round Cosmetic Pads contain more cotton wool per pad than other  brands, making them more absorbent and softer, size-for-size. The pads have  a luxury appearance and are supplied in a pack of 80 featuring a drawstring  closure and have retail ready shelf packaging.

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