Victoria's Secret Gel Hand Sanitizer Mango Melon 30ml

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Enjoy great softness, an aromatic touch and disinfection thanks to the antibacterial hand gel in a mini format. Ideal to use at home or leave it on your work table. Includes 3 pocket-sized gels that you can carry in your bag, store in your car and take anywhere to keep your hands clean anywhere. With an aloe vera-enhanced formula, our hand sanitizer kills 99.9% of the most common germs and leaves hands feeling fresh and hydrated. Formula composed of 71% alcohol.

How to use: Apply the amount corresponding to the size of a coin on your hands and rub them until dry.

Fragrance: Mango melon.

71% topical antiseptic alcoholic solution.

With aloe vera.

Hand sanitizer that helps reduce the presence of bacteria that can cause illness.

Net Weight: 30ml