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Tiffany Chunko's Choco Chip Cookies 43g

Tiffany Chunko's Choco Chip Cookies 43g

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Enhance your snack time with Tiffany Chunko's Choco Chip Cookies. They are baked to perfection using the finest ingredients to give you a healthy yet delicious snack. These chocolate cream sandwich-style cookies are loaded with choco chips and make for a perfect afternoon treat for your family and guests or for binging. You can enjoy them straight from the pack or dunk them into milk or tea. Thanks to their neat packaging, you can pack these cookies in your child's lunchbox, carry them to work or add them to your camping backpack.

  • Loaded with choco chips for a delicious taste
  • Can be relished directly from the pack or can be dunked into milk or tea
  • Baked using choicest of ingredients for optimum taste and quality
  • Perfect for carrying on picnics or for packing in your child's snack box

Net Weight: 43g

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