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KAB Cosmetics Contour Volume 2

KAB Cosmetics Contour Volume 2

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You asked for a contour palette, we came through! This large sized palette is a must have for all your contour and highlighting needs!

This matte contour palette contains 8 silky powders that blend effortlessly into the skin for the perfect contour every time. Use the darker shades for a chiseled, striking contour and the lighter shades under your eyes and other high points of the face for an instant lifting effect.

No matter if you're a master makeup artist or just starting to try new makeup techniques, this palette is for you. These intensely pigmented, silk-like powders make it easy to achieve any contoured look you're going for. 

How to use:

Use the lighter, highlighting shades on: above brow bone, forehead, bridge of nose, top of cheekbones, cupids bow, middle of chin

Use the contour shades on: temples, sides of nose, underneath cheekbones, jawline

Total Net Weight: 40 g

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