Brow Bar by Reema Bombshell Brow Kit Medium

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Experience a complete brow transformation with Brow Bar by Reema's golden goddess of all brow kits - the Bombshell Brow Kit. The most luxurious and accessible brow kit ever made, this chic sleek compact includes:

  • Precise golden tweezers
  • Two long-lasting, buildable brow powders
  • Brow definer pencil
  • Two-sided spoolie and brush
  • Brow lift concealer
  • Brow highlighter

How To Use: 

  1. Brush the eyebrow from the browbone up toward the forehead with the brow spoolie brush.
  2. Using the brow pencil, draw the shape of the eyebrow by tracing the bottom and top line of your brow.
  3. Next, use the flat brow brush to dip into the brow powders and make small light strokes to fill any sparse areas in your brows.
  4. Blend the powder and brow pencil product with the spoolie brush to get rid of any harsh lines and apply the highlighter just below the eyebrow to create contrast and brighten your brow look.
Net Weight: 6 g